Monday, August 4, 2014

ikr, imu, jux - Does this generation ever write anything in full?

If you tried to pronounce 'ikr' as a proper word in the title of this article then you must be shocked right now as I was when I learnt 'ikr' was short for 'I know right' and you must definitely be from another generation. 

With the advent of so many social media platforms, many people are increasingly throwing their thoughts out there either as status messages, tweets or wall posts. Those with that much time on their hands go as far as edit pictures and append their thoughts to them. I convinced myself a few months back that this generation are a lazy bunch. With each passing day they give me more reason to cement my conviction. Back in the day when social media and messaging were in their virginity, we invented shorthands that simply made so much sense. You could maintain a normal conversation interspersed with a few shorthands and everyone was still on the same page and things still made sense. 

'ttyl' - talk to you later. We all knew this was way too long and we typed it too often when ending conversations. We shortened it. Nice. Everyone got it.
'brb' - be right back. Made sense as this was also used often when you had to stop chatting and get immersed in something else.
'stg' - something. Makes sense ini? Need not say more.
'imo' - in my opinion. Yes this entire article is imo :)
'imho' - in my humble opinion. I think mainstream english even borrowed this because it was too cool to ignore.
'wtf' - what the fuck. Yep! Our generation hates nonsense too.
'omg' - oh my gosh/goodness.
'roflmao' - rolling on the floor and laughing my ass out.This is so long it makes so much sense to shorten it.

The present generation have taken this shorthand thing way too extreme, cutting everything short except the length of their phones.

'smh' - shaking my head. This I can understand.
'sma' - shaking my ass. Oh goodness. Such an immoral bunch.
'ikr' - i know right. Let me reserve my comments on this one.
'imu' - i miss you. Seriously!!  How the heck do you expect in a regular conversation I decipher 'imu' to be 'i miss you'? It could mean so many things. It can easily pass for 'in my underwear', 'is mary unhealthy', 'is money useless'.. just try googling for 'imu' and get the shock of your lives you short handers.
'jux' - just. This gets more confusing when they merge it with imu. i jux mu. Goodness!! 
'x' - is. x d exams on friday? Are you guys paying for the ink on the phone screen? Will understand if you had to pay per character you had but no its all free.
'TG' - thank God. Nuf said. Even God has his share these days.
'idk' - i don't know. Yes if you type stuff like this I wouldn't know what they mean.
'bff' - best friends forever. 
'fml' - fuck my life. Like I care!! You can fylayw (ha! I have given you a taste of your own medicine)
'bc' - because. This used to nicely be bcos or cos. Now it had to get shorter.
'thx' - thanks. What happened to tnx. Abbreviation spelt out the syllables nicely
'kk' - ok. :) Ok is so long it had to be shortened to kk. Amazing!!

So glad I let this out. It's been eating me up for a while now. 
Stfmna - sit tight for my next article. :)